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AIXadmin will take your project from pallet to production designed with redundant virtual I/O servers, multipath SAN and concurrent I/O filesystems, configured, tuned and tested for top performance and availability. Custom, ready to deploy, System Plan templates for up to 90 LPARs per frame. Padmin scripts for rapid mapping of virtual adapters on dual VIO servers. Power5 to Power8 migrations including direct PowerHA SAN cluster cut-overs. System Architecture with best practice eConfigurations and cost analysis. PowerVM infrastructure rapidly deployed from Virtual HMC. Installing IBMi, AIX and Linux LPARs from VIOS Virtual Media Repository. * Bare Bones HPC Support (Supermicro Rackspace OpenPower) * Power8 Support (S822/8284-22A and Virtual HMC/5765-HMV) * Power7 Support (p750/32way p770/64way p780/64way) * Legacy Power Support (p550/8way p570/16way p595/64way) * Enterprise Storage Support (V7000 DS4000 DS8000 FlashCopy TrueCopy GPFS SVC SSPC) * Virtualization (HMC PowerVM KVM PowerKVM VMware/ESX) * AIX/Linux Installation, Migrations and Updates (NIM DNF YUM) * High Availability Clusters (PowerHA/HACMP) * Enterprise Auditing (SOX, Infrastructure and Maintenance Contracts) * Shell Scripting for System, Applications and Security Hardening * Enterprise Backup and Archive Management (TSM EMC Amanda Bacula) * Software Builds, Packaging and Distribution (LPP RPM Local Repository Mirror) * Virtual Desktop Support (XORG CDE GNOME KDE VNC CYGWIN Windows 7 XP) * Distributed Services (LDAP AD DCE DFS BIND/DNS NIS NFS SMB) * Parallel Cluster Support (PSSP MPICH LAM) * WebSphere Configuration and Replication (WAS MQSeries) * TXSeries Configuration and Replication (CICS DCE ENCINA SNA) * Migrate from MicroFocus to IBM COBOL for AIX (Save Millions) * Linux Support (KERNEL SELinux LAMP LVM SENDMAIL SAMBA DB2 FirewallD IPTABLES) * CAD/CAM/CAE Support (PTC Creo/ProE AutoCad Surface Modelling ICEM Surf)