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AIXadmin is a proud contributor to Randal Michael's book:


AIX 5L Administration
By Randal K. Michael

ISBN: 0072222557
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication Date: 08/2002
Edition: 01
Paperback: 689 Pages

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This is a great supplement for your AIX library. You will find application oriented details the older books never have. Details on configuring SENDMAIL, APACHE and yes even how the MKSYSB script really works. If you need to get DCE/DFS running or maybe you need process accounting turned on before the boss gets in tomorrow, you will find it all in this book with much more including a chapter on HACMP. Everyone will start asking you for help with their CDE, KDE and GNOME desktop environments after you read the X11 Administration chapter. Check out a chapter today.