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AIX 5L Administration
By Randal K. Michael

ISBN: 0072222557
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication Date: 08/2002
Edition: 01

Configure, customize, and administer AIX version 5L effectively using this expert resource.

Paperback: 689 pages

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  PART I: System Administration Tasks and Tools
   Ch. 1: Introduction
   Ch. 2: DocSearch and the Online Manual Pages

  PART II: System and System Architecture
   Ch. 3: POWER Processors and Systems
   Ch. 4: AIX 5L Kernel

  PART III: System Installation and Management
   Ch. 5: System Management Tools
   Ch. 6: AIX Installation and Management
   Ch. 7: AIX System Boot and Shutdown

  PART IV: System Configuration and Customization
   Ch. 8: Runtime Configuration
   Ch. 9: AIX Device Configuration Manager (cfgmgr) and the Object Data Manager (ODM)
   Ch. 10: Tape Systems
   Ch. 11: The AIX Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
   Ch. 12: Printers and the Print Subsystem

  PART V: Network Configuration and Customizing
   Ch. 13: TCP/IP

  PART VI: Networked Filesystems
   Ch. 14: NFS, NIS, and NIS+
   Ch. 15: Distributed File System

  PART VII: Linux Affinity
   Ch. 16: Linux Affinity with AIX

  PART VIII: Distributed Services
   Ch. 17: Mail and Sendmail
   Ch. 18: Apache Web Server
   Ch. 19: X11 Administration

  PART IX: Managing Users and Resources
   Ch. 20: Managing the User Environment
   Ch. 21: Process Management
   Ch. 22: System Accounting

  PART X: Security
   Ch. 23: Auditing and Security
   Ch. 24: Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)

  PART XI: System Recovery and Tuning
   Ch. 25: Backup and Copy Utilities
   Ch. 26: System Monitoring and Tuning
   Ch. 27: Problem Analysis and Recovery

  PART XII: High Availability
   Ch. 28: HACMP and Clustering

  PART XIII: Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storage
   Ch. 35: Storage Area Networks
   Ch. 36: Networked Attached Storage